Pair of vintage leather lounge chairs
Dutch cabinet
Side table
Deux corps alsace
LXVI console table marble top
side table
bleached oak armoire
gustavian cupboard
wood painted pannel
coffee table
19th. C. Cupboard
17th. C. side/center table
18th. C. console table
oak trunk
Louis XIII
Whale rib
Zinc columns
17th. C. Epoque Louis XIV walnut table
17th. C. Cabinet
industrial lamp
wood sculpted panel
french 16th C stone angel
19th C bleached oak dresser
khmer ceramics
cast iron statue
cast iron statues
french tole jardiniere
L XV buffet
19th. C. wood sculpted freeze original paint
wood sculpted ornaments
19th. C. Decorative Louis XVI pannel
shop view
italian chest of drawers
16th./17th. C. celadon ( shipwreck finds)
khmer bayon ceramics ( 11th./ 15th C.)
han dy grannery, 15 th & 16th C stone fragmented sculptures
pair of javanese herons
shop view
shop view